Mandelson is 'watch enthusiast'

First published: 01-10-2009

Lord Mandelson seems to have a very specific and fine taste in watches, it has been reported.

Watch lovers were able to see, via the medium of high-definition photography, just how special the business secretary's desire for high-end timepieces was, as he attended the Labour Party Conference this week, according to the Mail on Sunday.

Nicholas Foulkes, who wrote the piece, explained that it was nice to see a British politician who was "unafraid to brandish a watch that takes more than a year to build and which is powered by the legendary self-winding calibre" which is named 315 S IRM QA LU.

He continued: "Mandelson is wearing a tiny micromechanical marvel painstakingly assembled from 355 miniscule components."

And the brand of watch? The lord was wearing none other than a Patek Philippe Reference 5146 annual calendar, the same company which helps one Mr Nicolas Sarkozy tell the time.

Patek Philippe, a Swiss watch maker, has been producing the timepieces since 1839.


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