Luxury watches ''becoming smaller, lighter''

First published: 26-04-2010

New and old luxury watch companies are adjusting their offerings to become lighter and smaller, a new report has discovered.

Speaking to some of the leading lights in the timepiece-making industry, the New York Times discovered that the concept of luxury watches is all about "inconspicuous consumption" as they are rarely seen by people, particularly those in the know.

Speaking to Michael Thompson, the editor of International Watch magazine, it was concluded that Richard Mille, the creator of watches now worn by Rafael Nadal and Felipe Massa, was a proponent of this trend in lighter offerings.

"These watches are so light and wispy that when you have them on your wrist, you forget they are there," said Mr Thompson.

Commenting on his own creations, Mr Mille explained: "People think a watch must weigh a lot to be a luxury. But there''s no reason why we should add weight to create value. People have to overcome these notions."

The partnership with Rafael Nadal has seen the tennis player wear the watch on court this season, with the development of the timepiece being a joint effort between the sportsman and company.


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