Look for heritage inspiration for new watches

First published: 03-05-2012

The world of watches may be ever looking to use only the most innovative designs and newest materials when creating new timepieces, but the look of the products is taking its cue from the past.

With the fashion of vintage running through everything from clothes to cars, it was only a matter of time before watches were also included in the trend and looked to bygone years for inspiration.

There are a rising number of these designs emerging on to the market and Zach Weiss, co-founder of Wornandwound.com, said the trend for heritage is one that simply cannot be ignored.

He explained that the designs are being split into two major categories, depending on the age and the pedigree of the manufacturer.

"On one hand, you have watches that just take styling cues from the past and on the other, you have brands re-releasing old models," Mr Weiss added.

While it can be fun to hunt out an original timepiece to give a watch collection some vintage style, the horologist explained that picking up a newer watch instead could be a better idea, as it will have modern details and also a guarantee in case things go wrong.

Although vintage watches are making a splash, Mr Weiss added that he thinks this current trend will soon settle down and will result in contemporary styles finding their own strong niche in the market.

If modern looks are more your thing than the classic materials used in the creation of traditional timepieces, picking out a Casio watch could be the perfect solution.

Selecting the ideal timepieces for the summer, Bang Style recently stated that Casio watches are great for both men and women and come in a huge array of neon rave colours, which is set to be a big fashion trend over the coming months.  


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