London 'still fashion capital' during recession

First published: 01-06-2009

London is still one of the best places to find the world's best fashion watches, according to an industry expert.

Cosmopolitan fashion editor Sairey Stemp explained that the recession has not had an impact on the capital's fashionable areas.

She said: "I think London has always been regarded as a fashion capital in the world. There is a lot of investment from international designers.

"There is designer level, there is high street level and it appeals to lots of different age groups as well ... it truly is a cosmopolitan city."

Ms Stemp's comments follow a survey conducted by Clothes Show London, which showed that 28 per cent of people believe London is Britain's most stylish city.

Meanwhile, Birmingham was voted the City with the Most Fashion Invention and the City Most Open to New Looks and Styles.

London came in a close second in each of these categories.


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