Lily Allen sells her watch via Twitter

First published: 14-08-2009

Lily Allen, the famous singing daughter of thespian and musician Keith Allen, has decided to use Twitter as a marketplace: for her new watch, no less.

The pint-sized pop princess bought a luxury watch made by Breitling recently but after wearing it a couple of times, she realised it wasn't the one for her as it was simply too big for her wrist.

So after sinking £3,800 into the model, Lily is slashing the price by £600 and is willing to give it to anyone with the cash who wants a timepiece associated with stardom.

She posted up a picture of the timepiece stating: "Thats the watch. god im an idiot."

Her Twittering has garnered a lot of attention from the press and other celebrities already, so it won't be too surprising if the chronograph watch goes for even higher if fans and friends get in on the bidding.

Earlier in the month, Lily ranted about the fourth test in the Ashes, showing her love for Durham bowler Graham Onions and Lancashire's Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff.


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