Lightning-yellow watches released for Casio's 30th birthday

First published: 14-11-2013

Casio has topped off the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of its G-SHOCK brand by releasing a range of limited edition watches.

The timepiece comes in a bright yellow colour to symbolise the power of lightning - associated with the models because of their shock-resistant features.

Three different models are being released, which all bear the same theme throughout and boast varying special attributes.

The GD-X6930E is based around the classic G-SHOCK design, while the GF-8230E has been modelled around the FROGMAN range - easily distinguishable by its larger band to allow it to be worn over a wetsuit.

Finally, the GW-9430EJ has been inspired by the RANGEMAN watches, which included a large sensor button to allow easy access to data and a wristband that has been reinforced by carbon fibre.

All three models are also water resistant for up to 200 metres.

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