Latest Tokyo Flash watch ''attempts to add depth to design''

First published: 18-06-2010

The latest Tokyo Flash watch offering has targeted depth of character and appearance.

Dubbed Zonal, the new concept sees the main time display suspended underneath a thick sheet of clear acrylic, giving the impression of block depth.

Large control buttons are set into the side of this transparent face, which is fitted to a black wristband.

As is common with many Tokyo Flash watches, telling the time takes a bit of thought.

On this model, three red square zones display the time - with each separate square of LED lights displaying hours, five minute groups and single minutes.

Complicated though this may seem to many watch-lovers new to Tokyo Flash, it looks almost conservative when compared to the radical Speed Track concept from the watchmaker unveiled earlier this month.

The oval face has been designed to resemble a race track, with five minute intervals shown on the inner ring and hours appearing as blacked out LED lights on the outer ring, in the same position as would appear on a standard clock face.


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