LTD watches offer 'slightly off whack fashion'

First published: 20-07-2010

LTD watches are making the most of this summer's "slightly off whack" fashion styles, it has been claimed.

The colourful timepieces from the brand will undoubtedly complement a fashion scene that is "more fun than it's been in years", according to a post on the Style Blog.

Moreover, the blogger highlights the "purse friendly" nature of the watches, which are unique and seasonal, so they will always retain some exclusivity.

A number of celebrities are also fans of the simple yet fun time pieces, which will no doubt appeal to fashionistas that enjoy staying up to date with the latest trends.

Among them are Estelle, Dizzie Rascal, Chipmunk and Lady Gaga.

X Factor boyband JLS even helped launch an exclusive LTD watch range.

Earlier this month, suggested that the watches may be an excellent way of adding colour to an outfit.


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