LG to release cutting-edge watch phone

First published: 11-06-2009

South Korea's LG Group is to launch a new watch capable of delivering video phone calls, internet browsing and cutting-edge network compatibility.

The organisation has announced its GD910 watch phone will hit UK shores in July, with Orange noted as striking up a deal with the creator to distribute the technology to its customers.

Upon its release, the GD910 will be the world's smallest 3G mobile, with Bluetooth capabilities allowing the usual sharing options with friends and family.

The watches will also deliver touch screen abilities which, at 1.4 inches across, is perfectly workable yet does not fit uncomfortably on the arm which may limit the usefulness of bigger screens.

Dr. Skott Ahn, president and chief executive officer of LG Electronics' Mobile Communications Company, said of the technology under the casing: "This chip is the result of significant research and development over many years and an achievement of which we are all very proud."

The LG brand name is derived from the company's previous name, Lucky GoldStar, which the firm dropped in 1995.


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