Kyocera announces partnership with Casio watches

First published: 17-03-2010

Kyocera Corporation has announced that the company's recrystallised ruby has been used for the first time in a decorative design application as Casio watch parts.

The original crystal technology can be responsible for producing synthetic gemstones with crystalline structures identical to those found in naturally-occurring gemstones and was, until now, only used for traditional jewellery applications.

It will feature in the MR-G, a limited-edition G-Shock Casio watch model and the highest-end series in brand, noting that the pure colouration is the "perfect embodiment" of the MR-G's theme hue, traditional Japanese deep red.

Takafumi Matsuda, executive officer and general manager of the Kyocera Corporation Jewelry & Application Products Division, said that since last autumn, the company has been developing the synthetic gemstone to be used for a wider range of decorative applications.

He added: "Kyocera will utilise the know-how accumulated in the 35 years of experience since the creation of our recrystallised gemstones to expand the business beyond jewellery and build a pillar for business in diverse decorative material applications."

Recently, G-Shock Casio watches announced a partnership with Pastry, the fashion brand owned by the daughters of Joseph Simmons, or Run of Run DMC fame.


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