Kisai Broke launched by Tokyo Flash watches

First published: 28-04-2010

Tokyo Flash watches, known for their style and twisted function when it comes to telling the time, have been expanded in terms of model numbers with the addition of the Kisai Broke.

Looking like an LED mixture of crazy paving and broken stained glass, the timepiece is one of the easier offerings for the trained eye to read as it uses the positioning of the regular clock face.

The company said: "A striking fragmented display, full face mineral crystal lens and a new way to read time that''s almost like a regular clock, features that will make you want to break away from dictated fashion trends."

It also marks the first time that USB recharging has been incorporated into the Kisai series, allowing enhanced brightness and long-lasting battery life.

Last week, Tokyo Flash released concepts for the Hex Web and Supersonic, proving that it continues to have a lot of creativity with its watches.


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