Kickstarter helps Cookoo watches take off

First published: 28-06-2012

An aspiring watchmaker looks ready for take off after its hugely successful pitch for investment on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.

The Cookoo watch has proved incredibly popular because it integrates with its owner's smartphone using Bluetooth technology – allowing people to check Twitter using their timepiece.

ConnecteDevice - the designers behind Cookoo watches - had originally asked for $150,000 (£97,000) in investment to get the brand off the ground, but so far more than $244,000 has been pledged.

What's more, with the Kickstarter project not due to close until July 7th, there is still time for the company to receive even more investment.

Anyone pledging above a certain amount will receive one of the first watches off the production line, but as a result of the project's success the company has decided to add more pledge levels to encourage people to invest more in the business.

Explaining why he had chosen to invest in the firm, one backer said: "I am an avid watch collector and I have long been in search of an automatic movement watch such as the COOKOO that does integrate with my phone."


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