Kesha releases new watches with Casio

First published: 16-09-2011

Fans of the singer Kesha can show their appreciation for the star and the fine work of Casio watches by picking up a new product from her collection for the brand.

As ambassador for Baby G watches, the singer has taken the idea of the hit single Tik Tok literally and collaborated with the company on a range of new designs.

Taking inspiration from some of her most iconic looks, the products combine the hardworking and accurate timekeeping of Casio's watches with the singer's passion for animal print and all-American attitude.

Launching the timepieces, the chart-topping star said the move was important to her as it was her first chance to work as a designer.

"I hope when people wear my watches they're reminded to express themselves always and never lose the animal inside themselves," she added.

Casio recently expanded its line of ladies watches with a selection of new products into its Sheen range.  


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