Kesha: My watches were made with swagger

First published: 07-10-2011

Kesha has spoken about the watches she designed in collaboration with Casio and explained that she wanted them to have plenty of 'swagger'.

The singer, who shot to fame with her chart-topping debut single Tik Tok, explained to People magazine that although the watches are only a tiny surface area, she thinks she has done well to pack them with her unique "K Monay swagger".

She explained that the American flag design came to her because "the flag represents freedom of speech, a right I exercise every day".

Her second timepiece, which is covered in leopard print, was inspired by her love for animal fur patterns.

"It reminds me we are all animals inside and I wanted this watch to do the same," the 24-year-old added.

Kesha launched the range last month, stating then that she hoped it would remind people to express themselves and explaining that she relished her first attempt at designing.  


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