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'Fashionable' Karen Millen watches picked out by Look

Posted: 24-03-2011

A range of timepieces from Karen Millen have been highlighted by a fashion expert as they provide a glimpse of summer colour and style.

Will a new blouse complement Karen Millen watches

Posted: 28-07-2010

Karen Millen Lingerie Blouse designed for the transition between summer and autumn seasons.

Karen Millen watches ''help customise individual style''

Posted: 03-06-2010

Fans of Karen Millen often buy watches from the designer to give their outfits an extra edge.

Karen Millen watches - a staple item this season

Posted: 13-05-2010

Karen Millen is proving popular at the moment, with celebrities and top newspapers both promoting the brand in recent days.

Go the ''extra mile'' with Karen Millen watches

Posted: 29-03-2010

Complementing a Karen Millen watch with a new piece of clothing from the fashion label may be worth the effort for haute couture pieces.

Karen Millen releases animal-print range

Posted: 24-02-2010

Fans of Karen Millen watches and clothing have been given more to look forward to, as the company launches a new range of animal-print items.

Karen Millen: Tie-dye is key trend for this season

Posted: 17-02-2010

Those wanting to look chic wearing their Karen Millen watch and clothing will likely want to get involved with tie-dye patterns, it is believed.

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