Kahuna watches have an Hawaiian edge

First published: 09-06-2010

There is something distinctly Hawaiian about Kahuna watches, despite the brand primarily being based in the UK, it has been said.

Kecsum.com revealed that the brand was established to appeal to surfers and other sports fans, with the name Kahuna originating from Hawaii.

It means a priest or minister, magician or wizard, the site revealed, suggesting that Kahuna represents someone who is well-respected in their profession.

"The range is available in many different styles, with watches for men, women and children with chunky hook and loop straps," the article explained.

Kahuna watches take the needs of extreme sports fanatics on board, which the site said is "just as well considering that the state or your wristwatch will be the last thing on your mind when racing down a mountain trail".

Last year, Kahuna watches provided the official timekeeping for the Mountain Mayhem 2009 event, which was open to solo and team racers alike.


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