Kahuna Watches: Men should consider what their partner would like at Christmas

First published: 01-12-2010

Men need to consider their partner's likes rather than their own when choosing Christmas presents this year.

Those on the lookout for items, such as a Kahuna Watch, need to be mindful of what their wife or girlfriend would desire, according to an industry expert.

Patricia Davidson, author of The Shopaholic's Top 1,000 Websites and founder of Thesiteguide.com, said that blokes need to take into consideration what their partner likes doing, what their style is and what hobbies they enjoy taking part in.

"I think it's about re-educating everybody actually not just men, into looking at a person and if they are buying a present for them and they know a certain amount about them saying: 'Yes she wears those colours, she likes modern clothes, or she dresses in a very classic style'," she added.

Ms Davidson's words came after it was revealed that one in six Brits only buy Christmas presents which are on offer, according to HotVouchers.com.


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