Jorg Gray 1950-12 'offers unique simplicity'

First published: 14-09-2010

A new Jorg Gray timepiece may go for a simple design but watch fans should be able to find a unique style from it.

This is according to Watch Report, which has reported that the Jorg Gray 1950-12 timepiece's only significant feature is its date window near to the three o'clock position.

However, the simplistic design also gives it a "feel all [of] its own", with the specifications sure to appeal to watch fans just wanting a timepiece without a load of complicated features.

These include a water resistance of up to 100 metres and a stainless steel case, which is then finished off with a black leather strap.

The watch face itself offers a large 45 by 12 millimetre range, in which a black dial provides easy-to-view markers and hands, available in either a white or orange shade.

The website recently reviewed another new timepiece from Jorg Gray, this time the 1900-14, which offers some sub-dials for consumers wanting to read a bit more information on a watch face, as well as a nicely blended colour scheme of bright orange and black.


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