JeanRichard Aquascope 'ideal for divers'

First published: 19-11-2010

Diving fans may be interested in pursuing a reissue of one of JeanRichard's watches, after it was given a glowing review.

The Watch Observer has given the JeanRichard Aquascope a score of 72 out of 100, noting that it boasts plenty of features which diver watches should have.

For example, a crown at the nine o'clock position is a security device which allows blocking of the bidirectional bezel, in prevention of "theoretical decompression accidents", according to the news source.

Water resistance measures in at 300 metres as well, which should also appeal to those who like to venture down towards the ocean bed.

The design of the watch's face has also been applauded, with a sleek display being offered with the black gloss dial, as well as the date window standing out thanks to red writing on a white dial.

JeanRichard is also releasing the Diverscope Titanium, also offering a water resistance of 300 metres, which is made even more practical due to the screw-down crowns and sapphire crystal covering being two times thicker than many sports watches on the market, Watch Luxus reported.


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