JeanRichard 2TimeZones Zirconium 'an interesting product'

First published: 30-11-2010

Sports watch fans hoping to purchase a timepiece which is unique in design may want to seek out a new product from JeanRichard.

Called the 2TimeZones Zirconium, the watch uses a range of elegant materials, with the Watch Observer picking up on the zirconium for the case middle as a curious feature.

This is because this element is uncommon in the watchmaking industry, yet is very appealing, as it is able to provide better scratch-resistance and is lighter than a timepiece which uses steel here.

Partly because of this, the news source has awarded this particular JeanRichard timepiece with a rating of 66 out of 100, noting: "This JeanRichard 2TimeZones is a really interesting timepiece for its design and the choice of the used materials."

Other features which attract the eye of consumers towards this watch include a silver-plated dial, combined with a black vulcanised rubber bezel, while an alligator strap, which is rubber-coated, provides comfort to the wearer.

Recently, Watch Observer awarded the JeanRichard Aquascope a score of 72 out of 100, believing it to be ideal for divers, especially since it has a water resistance up to 300 metres.


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