Jason Schwartzman: I tend to break watches

First published: 01-11-2011

Jason Schwartzman has explained that although he is a huge fan of watches, he has a bad habit of breaking them.

The start of Scott Pilgrim vs the World explained to GQ magazine that he likes to wear watches, but as a rule he normally ends up breaking them.

"My wife gave me a watch as a wedding present but I kept hitting it on stuff. So I wear a watch that's just made of rubber but even that I managed to break in the first month," the told the publication.

He added that following the end of the filming on TV series Bored to Death both he and the writer Jonathan Ames bought each other the same model of Lumix watch as a present, although Schwartzman said that he has already managed to damage his three times.

Buying a watch as a gift could be a good plan for parents selecting something for their children, as actor David Boreanaz recently purchased a Casio timepiece for his son.  


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