Jacobs & Co reveals the Cyclone Tourbillon

First published: 07-04-2011

Watch fans looking for a truly unique product may want to check out a Jacobs & Co timepiece which is the first to combine the tourbillon system and an automatic winding system.

The Cyclone Tourbillon is the ticker in question, and is "considered a continuation of the tradition of revolutions in watchmaking", according to Professional Jeweller.

An eye-catching feature of this particular timepiece is the fact that its tourbillon carriage has been mounted onto its oscillating mass of the automatic winding system.

To make sure that a full display of this is seen by wearers, this design element has been switched from its usual position on the back of the watch to its dial instead.

Some other features of this Jacobs & Co device include a sleek case diameter of 34.60mm and the hour and minute display been acknowledged in a upper plate.

Jacobs & Co is no stranger to the elegant watchmaking industry, with the Rainbow Tourbillon and the Quenttin a couple of other appealing timepieces from the brand.


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