J&T Windmills watches feature eccentric offset crown

First published: 02-06-2010

There is something rather unique about the mechanical models offered by J&T Windmills, the brand has revealed.

All of its designs in this range feature a "slightly eccentric offset crown" alongside the added detail people come to expect from a watch of this calibre.

The latest watch featured by the brand is the Throgmorton WGS10002/50, which features a lantern clock dial, highly detailed clock hands and roman numerals.

A date dial can also be seen on the clock face, sitting behind the sapphire glass at the three o''clock mark.

Among the most notable features of this J&T Windmills watch is its individual numbering, hallmark and sterling silver casing.

It was recently said by lifehacknews.com that the brand is a perfect example of how to combine contemporary styles with those of a more classic origin, meaning they are a firm favourite with watch fans.


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