J&T Windmills watch is highly detailed

First published: 06-07-2010

The J&T Windmills Throgmorton WGS10002/50 watch is a highly detailed timepiece with some pretty special features, the manufacturer reveals.

This silver mechanical watch comes with the Windmills lantern clock dial associated with the brand, alongside intricate watch hands.

Its date window is also situated beneath sapphire-coloured glass at the 3 o'clock mark.

Each timepiece is made in London and benefits from a Swiss hand-wound mechanical movement, not forgetting the offset crown associated with J&T Windmills.

Other unique features include a hallmark and individual numbering, giving consumers the assurance they are buying a high-quality timepiece.

J&T Windmills was established by father and son Joseph and Thomas, who went into partnership some time in the 17th century.

The earliest watch created by the company was manufactured before 1680 and is widely considered J&T Windmills' rarest watch, now on display in the British Museum.


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