JLS team up with LTD Watches

First published: 12-11-2009

Sometimes, everything works out perfectly for watch and music fans, with dedicated JLS followers being no exception after a recent announcement by LTD Watches.

The exclusive timepiece producer has announced that it has partnered with the former X Factor runners up to create a particularly attractive offering, which Shade Station previewed on its blog, noting that it goes for as much as £140 on the likes of eBay.

Set in a bright white casing, the twist-dial analogue LTD watch uses a four-colour display which gives a little understated yet bright face to the timepiece.

The hands themselves are also attractive, with a blue hour, yellow minute and green second hand all contributing to the well-crafted option which will likely appeal to anyone continuing to follow the four-piece's rise to fame.

Robbie Williams and JLS are currently duelling for top album spot this weekend, though forecasts show Robbie leading the way by around 6,000 copies as of yesterday.


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