Is Mercedes timepiece a threat to Royal London watches

First published: 21-07-2010

Accurist, Kenneth Cole and Royal London watches may soon have a new competitor for the affections of their high-end customer base.

French designer Fabien Cacheux has produced a concept Mercedes-Benz watch that is intended to complement the Mercedes Gullwing supercar.

The titanium case is contrasted with a neoprene strap, but the really unique features of this watch appear on the face itself.

A central tourbillon movement spins around the central hub of the face, while a power meter tells the wearer how much battery life the watch has.

There are also buttons incorporated into the watch that control the SLS AMG's gullwing doors.

Other high-end car brands that have broached the watch market include Ferrari and Aston Martin, which released its AMVOX2 DBS Transponder in August 2008.

The watch also featured remote door controls fitted into the timepiece, which was designed in collaboration with Jaeger LeCoulture.


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