Innovative Trace of Time appointment clock proves a hit

First published: 08-07-2009

The Trace of Time clock provides a simple way for business people to keep track of their day's appointments and has captured the imagination of gadget bloggers worldwide.

Designed by Il-Gu Cha, the Trace of Time clock allows appointments to be noted down on its face.

The notes are then erased by the timepiece's single hand as it passes over the point in time where the note has been written.

A glass and stainless steel face and hand give the clock a clean finish, in addition to providing a novel way to keep appointments throughout the day with minimum fuss that leaves no room for technological error.

Commenting on the Coolest Gadgets blog, Mark R even goes as far as to suggest that business executives could have one on the wall for each day of the week.

Designer Il-Gu Cha's other works include the Face without Face timepiece, which again features a single hand that indicates only the time in minutes during any given hour.

The clock face is non-existent so, depending on where it is mounted, can be viewed either at the front or reverse to tell the time.


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