Ingersoll reveals the Buffalo III

First published: 04-01-2011

Watch fans hoping to purchase a new timepiece as a way of marking the start of 2011 may want to have a look at a new product from Ingersoll.

Entitled the Buffalo III, this watch is easy to spot thanks to its rather bulky 47mm stainless steel case, which contains plenty of appealing features, according to Watch Report.

The dial is styled with an elegant, semi-reflective steel grey/black finish – which looks similar to ruthenium – and contains details on the time, day, date and month across its face.

Ingersoll, which has plenty of experience in watchmaking, having been in the industry since 1892, completes the detail of this timepiece with a practical element of 30m of water resistance, as well as a leather strap with butterfly release, for extra comfort.

The news source commented: "The Buffalo III is a great example of the Ingersoll style, it's of a modern size, comes on a very nice leather strap with a classy butterfly deployment, yet it doesn't forget its roots."


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