Indian special forces will get GPS watches

First published: 26-10-2009

Indian special forces are set to be equipped with new Global Positioning System (GPS) wrist watches to help with their operations.

Although not a fashion piece, such as a Swatch or a Rotary watch, the new technology serves the more essential purpose of giving the soldiers the edge over militants operating in the Jammu and Kashmir areas of the country.

Commenting on the use of the watches, a source said: "Militants are frequently using GPS devices for infiltration and reaching their guides along LoC [Line of Control]. The watches are used by militants for navigation.

"The watches will gives forces an edge to identify terrain and plan their strategy for operations."

Some 120 GPS watches are set to be secured in the first phase of the army's procurement process.

Luxury watches have been in growing demand in India recently, prompting one specialist Swiss brand, Raymond Weil, to set up a subsidiary in the country, reports ANI.

The new watchmaker subsidiary will be called Raymond Weil India PvT.


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