India is 'priority market' for Timex watches

First published: 31-07-2009

In order to make itself a more respected brand around the world, Timex watches are orientating themselves towards the Indian market.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with - an Asian partner of the Wall Street Journal - Timex Group chief Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard said that India has become the second biggest market for the organisation after the US because it is one of the few countries with potential for further growth.

He explained that Timex watches have already got a head-start on the competition as his organisation opted to aim for the country's consumers when most other brands rushed to China, meaning many are catching up now.

And with the Indian economy predicted to grow by six per cent in the coming year, Timex watches are now expanding in popularity by 12 per cent - something which makes Mr Hoejsgaard very confident in the future of the timepiece firm.

Recently, Nautica watches - a subsidiary of the Timex Group - sponsored the New York City Triathlon.


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