InPulse BlackBerry watch pics draw attention

First published: 08-04-2010

Two new pictures of the new BlackBerry watch from InPulse have been released to tease fans of the latest timepiece technology.

Following the growing trend for timepieces that incorporate some kind advanced Bluetooth technology, such as the newly launched Escape C Tokyo Flash watch, InPulse''s latest offering will undoubtedly appeal to many consumers'' aesthetic tastes too.

The watch features an oblong metallic face into which is set a digital screen displaying the time, but where undoubtedly the Bluetooth connection to the wearer''s BlackBerry smartphone will be accessible.

This enables wearers to preview SMS messages, emails and also details of incoming calls without having to take their BlackBerry out of their pocket, according to SlashGear.

InPulse''s tidy device has a black strap, which lends the watch a sophisticated appearance that would not look out of place on the wrist of the average corporate BlackBerry owner.

Earlier this week, watchlovers'' interests were piqued by the appearance of some new high-tech concept watch pictures on the internet, including offerings from Timex and Rolex, according to PC World.


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