IWC set to launch Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph

First published: 13-09-2010

A new timepiece by IWC gives watch fans a sportier addition to one of the watch maker's classic ranges.

Called the Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph, the timepiece slots right into the IWC's Portuguese collection, which is a range that focuses on nautical themes, Hodinkee has reported.

This new timepiece is no different, either. Designed with a greater water resistance than previous models in its collection and a rubber strap, it is ideal for watch wearers who will be regularly travelling across water.

Consumers will also be treated to a blend of ruggedness and utility, with a vintage look commonly associated with a watch maker that has been making timepieces for a variety of occasions since 1868.

The Yacht Club part of the watch's name is also a nudge and a wink towards the company's history, as this was the title of a top selling timepiece for it back in the 1970s.

Watch fans may also be interested to know that the face is designed to allow for minutes and hours to be tracked on a sub-dial, for added accuracy.


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