I:VIRT M Citizen watch ''great for discreet text checks''

First published: 22-04-2010

Citizen watches that enable wearers to check their text messages are a great tool for the busy executive, according to the makers.

The new Citizen i:VIRT M wristwatch uses Bluetooth technology to connect wearers directly to their mobile phone, which a spokesperson for the firm tells the Telegraph will suit people that feel uneasy about taking out their mobile phones in busy or crowded places.

He told the newspaper: "These watches are good for checking important messages in a casual way, even in conferences or on crowded trains."

The i:VIRT M Citizen watch vibrates and glows when a new message has arrived, but will also provide the wearer with key information about their phone, including battery life, reception quality and incoming calls.

Earlier this month, a new Tokyo Flash watch was unveiled that enables wearers to receive Twitter and Facebook updates.

Also making use of Bluetooth technology, the Instant Trend watch is paired with the owner''s smartphone to get updates.


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