Hugo Boss watches partners with Cowes Week for 4th year

First published: 17-06-2014

Exposure at public events can be great marketing for companies and this is something Hugo Boss Watches has decided to capitalise on with its continued affiliation with Cowes Week.

This brand is celebrating its fourth year as the official watch of the Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week 2014, which is a sailing week that takes place in August. 

The partnership doesn't end here, however. Boss Watches will also be the official timepiece of, the sport's leading website, WatchPro reports. 

Such a deal means this watchmaker has been afforded the chance to market its promotional events that are linked to the sport and will gain exposure to a major section of its audience.

The website will feature adverts that highlight the goods and services offered by Boss Watches. The primary timepiece will be the Boss Regatta Watch, which has been chosen as the official product of both the website and of Cowes Week itself.  

Guests will be welcomed at the event onboard the Hugo Boss yacht, while there will be plenty of other places where the watchmaker will promote itself, such as shore side and different marketing strategies. 

This partnership is made stronger by the fact that the leading yachtsman - Alex Thomson - has steered the Hugo Boss yacht for in excess of ten years. 

Commercial director of MGS Distribution - which exclusively circulates these timepieces in the UK - Steve Brydon said: "This year, we wanted to capitalise on our association with sailing to go beyond our involvement with Cowes Week. 

"Becoming the Official Watch of puts us firmly in the heart of the sport and provides us with wide-ranging opportunities to further promote our brand to the racing sailing community.”

Hugo Boss is known for being affiliated with other sporting events. It runs an H1 club, which presents golfers with an exclusive watch if they manage to complete a hole with just one shot.

News broke recently of an amateur who beat odds of more than 40 million-to-one to achieve not one, but two holes in one. Needless to say, 61-year-old pharmacy assistant Pam Smart was gobsmacked when she completed the double feat. 

At the Third Captain's Qualifier at Lytham Green Drive Golf Club in Lancashire, Ms Smart didn't need a second shot on both the sixth and thirteenth holes. She is now the proud owner of two limited edition H1 Club Boss timepieces.

It's worth pointing out that Ms Smart didn't have a flawless game overall - the pouring rain didn't help matters and she needed nine strokes to complete a par four hole at one point. She conceded she tended to be a "glass half-empty" kind of person and couldn't believe her luck on this occasion.

Mr Brydon said the timepiece would provide a constant reminder of the achievement and make sure no golfer is ever late for a tee time again. 

"We also hope it might add a frisson of extra excitement to club competitions for golfers who may not be in with a chance of winning the event, for they know that every time they stand on the tee on a par-three, they are just one shot away from winning a stunning timepiece."


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