Hublot release Big Bang Black Magic Evo

First published: 06-10-2010

Hublot has changed the look of one of its ranges for its most recent model, which may appeal to watch fans interested in the products from the company.

Called the Big Bang Black Magic Evo, the company has made "subtle" changes to the design of this timepiece compared to previous models, according to the Watch Observer.

These include replacing the number markers for sticks, giving the model a ceramic finishing instead of a brushed polished look that is commonly seen in Big Bang watches, as well as introducing a genuine carbon dial.

The author of the article seemed impressed by these changes, saying that "all these modifications bring a little discretion to a Big Bang that some thought 'till nowadays a little too loud", which may explain the 73.5 out of 100 score given to the timepiece.

Other features of the new watch by Hublot, which is this year celebrating its 30-year anniversary in the industry, include that the case measures in at a hefty 50-millimetres, weighs a reasonable 134-rams and has a water resistance of 100-metres, ideal for wearing the timepiece when going for a swim.


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