How to choose sunglasses to suit the shape of your face

First published: 12-06-2017

Woman in Versace Sunglasses

Seeing a pair of sunglasses we like and choosing a pair that look good can be two completely different things.

Certain styles suit some people better than others, so to help you choose the perfect pair for your face shape, we've selected some of the coolest shades from the Watch Shop collection to offer some inspiration.

Calvin Klein, Ray-Ban, Vogue, Armani, and Lacoste are all present and correct to ensure you look the business, no matter what face shape you happen to be blessed with.

Sunglasses for a heart-shaped face

Ideal styles: Wayfarer, sport, wraparound, cat eye

Sunglasses that point downwards with a lower profile tend to flatter those with a heart-shaped face. Look out for cat eye and wayfarer style sunglasses, which are both in vogue this season.

These dark blue cat eye sunglasses from Calvin Klein are a fine example of the brand's sleek and refined style, with blue lenses and a subtle white strip on the arm that matches the iconic CK logo.

Calvin Klein CK4258S Sunglasses

Whether you're jogging in the park, unwinding at a BBQ, or hitting the slopes, Nike's Rabid shades in Electric Purple epitomise sports-casual, providing clarity from all angles using Nike Max Lens technology.

Nike Matte Black/Electric Purple Rabid R Sunglasses

Sunglasses for a square-shaped face

Ideal styles: Round, aviator, shield

It really is hip to be square this year, and if your face is defined by a chiselled brow and a square jaw, you'll look on-trend rocking some of this season's hottest shades. Round sunglasses are big in 2017, and you should be able to pull this look off perfectly.

Emporio Armani have retro styling down to a tee with these handsome shades, which feature dark lenses that are framed with gold and finished off with vintage-inspired tortoiseshell arms.

Emporio Armani Men's EA2051 Sunglasses

Aviators never go out of fashion and Ray-Ban's Erika Sunglasses provide a modern take on a classic style. The dark lenses are paired with jet black frames and lightweight, slimline arms. Cool and understated, they'll go with everything from casual beachwear to your night-time getup.

Ray-Ban Erika Classic Sunglasses

Sunglasses for a round-shaped face

Ideal styles: Wayfarer, cat eye, square

If your face is round, consider choosing horizontal or geometric frames, such as wayfarers, cat eye, or square sunglasses.

This striking pair of cat eye sunglasses from Calvin Klein has an almost marble effect, featuring black and grey tortoiseshell frames and arms. The dark lenses give them a contemporary, urban feel - ideal for wearing while walking the city streets or sipping something refreshing at an outdoor cafe.

Calvin Klein Collection CK8511S Sunglasses

Make a fashion statement in these oversized wayfarers from Vogue, which have an Old Hollywood appeal with their classic tortoiseshell frames and eye-catching, silver detailing.

Vogue Ladies' VO2778SB Sunglasses

Sunglasses for an oval-shaped face

Ideal styles: Wayfarer, aviator, over-sized, round, rectangular

If you have an oval-shaped face, you can get away with pretty much anything, from classic aviators to ultra-modern round shades.

This head-turning pair of Ray-Bans provide a psychedelic twist on an iconic look, featuring gold frames and a pop of colour with their fun, electric blue lenses.

If you want to make a real fashions statement, then you might just love these outrageous ladies' shades from Versace. The oversized, attention-grabbing frames are perfectly capped off with attractive dark arms, emblazoned with the brand's gold medusa logo.

Knowing which styles of sunglasses are best-suited to your face shape can narrow down your search and help you get summer-ready in no time.

Find the perfect pair of shades and get ready to embrace the sunshine. Browse our entire men and women's sunglasses collection, where you'll find dozens of pairs that are tailor-made for your face - no matter what shape it happens to be.


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