Hot Chelle Rae show off Baby-G watches in new video

First published: 03-04-2013

Celebrities often show off their favourite fashion watches in photoshoots, but pop band Hot Chelle Rae have used their latest video to demonstrate their affinity with certain Casio styles.

In Hung Up, they tell the story of each member of the band trying to attract the attention of the same leggy blonde.

They appear to be failing miserably - but just before the end, she conveniently starts to notice them all - and then splits into four different versions of herself so none of the boys end up alone.

Both the song and the video are great - but we also noticed a couple of watch shots. First, the girl holds out her wrist to check the time and flashes a silver Baby-G from Casio.

Later on, one of the guys also holds out his wrist to demonstrate that he wants the girl now, not later - and he's wearing a black skeleton-style G-Shock.

If they're eager to be brand ambassadors, they're going the right way about it! Ke$ha is another singer who has paired up with Baby-G in the past and she even got to design her own timepieces.


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