Hollywood auction firm affirms status of Michael Kors watches

First published: 15-04-2010

Michael Kors watches have become the apple of a Hollywood members'' club''s eye, selected from a list of hundreds to become a flagship brand for big names to grab through its portal sales system in the US.

Ivory Trunk, an invitation-only private sale website which runs limited-time "Trunk Shows" for exclusive members for men''s, women''s and children''s fashion and jewellery, has highlighted how Michael Kors watches have a quality about them which is largely unparalleled in its sector of the timepiece market.

The website was founded in the centre of celebrity heaven as a means of providing a "uniquely targeted sales channel for luxury brands to reach the affluent value conscious consumer" and to allow them the chance to "discreetly dispose of excess inventory".

Michael Kors is a fashion designer who has set himself apart from his contemporaries in recent weeks after announcing a wholesale ban on underage models, stating that he would not employ models under 16 and demanded more guidelines for those under 18.


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