Holler Watches plans summer event in London

First published: 06-06-2012

Fashion timepiece manufacturer Holler Watches is set for a high-profile summer in the English capital after it was announced that the brand will be holding a special event in the London area.

The new event has been organised by the DMJ-distributed luxury watch manufacturer as part of a UK launch programme for the Holler watch brand.

These dazzling timepieces have gained a reputation for being synonymous with old soul music and vintage record covers - something that has been referenced in the new watch designs.

The new event will not only showcase the new range of Holler watches on offer, but also a number of other products from the firm's range such as t-shirts, sunglasses and mobile phone cases.

A company spokesman told Watchpro: “London is destined to be the most popular destination this summer, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics estimated to haul one of the largest international crowds to the capital for many years

"And now there is another must-see event added to the list this summer- a Holler spectacle”.

The event is scheduled to take place on 26th June, with special guests at the event including dance troupe Diversity and saxophonist Julian Smith.


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