His and hers watches revealed by MCT

First published: 22-12-2010

A combination between Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps (MCT) and Hotel de Charme Les Airelles has provided a pair of matching his and hers fashion watches.

Called the MCT Sequential One 'Les Airelles', many of the features of these two timepieces are exactly the same, according to Watch Luxus.

This includes the fact that "each function is based on a combination of elements rotating on three dimensional axes, at different speeds and moments", as well as a brushed sapphire-coated minute dial and the option to view the hour prisms as they rotate around.

However, what distinguishes the pair of fashion watches is the colour option which is splashed onto each product.

For the men, they will be able to sport a timepiece with a white gold case and black PVD treatment, while MCT, which was founded by French engineer Denis Giguet, has chosen a white gold finish embellished with white diamonds for females.

The watches go well with the elegance of the five-star Hotel de Charme Les Airelles, which is based on the backdrop of one of the world's largest ski areas – Les 3 Vallees.


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