Hip Hop watches 'to be a big hit this summer'

First published: 11-05-2012

This year, watches are set to take a colourful turn and the brand leading this change in trend will be Hip Hop.

The company is not very well known in the UK but it has a big following around the world, as people are drawn to its colourful designs and simple details.

First established in Italy in 1984, the company has gone from strength to strength, with followers across Europe loving to collect the vibrant timepieces.

The company's arrival in the UK has been cemented by its recent inclusion in a number of top fashion magazines and supplements, which have been grabbing the attention of the most stylish dressers in the country.

What has helped to set the watches apart from the other types of rubber sports watches that are available on the market is a combination of appealing factors.

The sleek Italian design of the watches is one thing that has been winning it legions of fans, as it has been made in a minimal design that feature a plain ribbed strap and the numbers written in Arabic numerals around the face.

Made in a range of colours, Hip Hop watches also appeal to a wide number of people as they can choose watches to match a favourite outfit, with classic white and black designs appealing to those with timeless tastes and bright yellows and pinks perfect for those who like to make a statement.

While the watches are unisex, they are made in two sizes, which gives men and women a choice of if they would prefer a larger or smaller face for their timepiece.

People who prefer to have discreet branding on their products are also catered for, as the watches have a choice of either a large branded Hip Hop logo on the face, or a smaller version which is less bold.


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