High-end watches stolen in broad daylight smash-and-grab

First published: 11-03-2010

A brash motorcycle gang were involved in a smash and grab raid on a West End jewellers this week, snatching a few handfuls of watches and jewellery worth at least £50,000 each before driving off.

All of this happened at 11:25 GMT, as five men on three bikes mounted the pavement outside Mappin & Webb on the corner of Piccadilly and Old Bond Street as onlookers watched in utter shock.

Others, however, acted pretty strangely; one older gentleman simply strolled past, without any concept of the watch theft that was going on around him.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Deimante Dirvelyte, a 22-year-old shop assistant working at Mackenzie's cashmere shop opposite the jewellery shop, said the whole experience was "terrifying" and saw the main robber taking a huge sledgehammer to the window before reaching inside for goodies.

She continued: "I couldn't see exactly what he took but there were watches in that display that started at £50,000, so even a handful could be hundreds of thousands."

Last December, armed robbers stormed centre:mk in Milton Keynes, robbing a jewellers of watches and jewellery after using CS gas and firing shots with a gun.


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