He's got two watches, but Justin Bieber still isn't on time

First published: 05-03-2013

You may remember that we mentioned a couple of weeks ago how Justin Bieber had gone on a night out wearing two gold watches.

The teen idol was spotted by the Sun at The Roadhouse in London's Covent Garden and a chunky timepiece was adorning each wrist rather than just one - well, you've got to show off how much money you've got somehow.

However, it seems that Bieber might not actually be checking the time on his watches - because he incurred the wrath of fans last night (March 4th) when he took to the stage for the London leg of his concert tour a whopping two hours late.

The Canadian was being supported by two acts, one of who was Carly Rae Jepson, and they managed to get their acts over and done with almost on schedule.

But fans as young as nine were forced to wait for their idol Beiber at the O2 ... and wait ... and wait.

Eventually, he appeared at 22.25 GMT, which was only 25 minutes before his show was supposed to end.

As a result, many ticketholders were forced to leave before the set list had finished in order to get pre-booked trains or just back home before public transport stopped running for the night.

Although the O2 apologised, Bieber didn't and it has left lots of people fuming, including parents who will have had to put up with grumpy children this morning.

Many took to Twitter to vent their fury, calling Bieber "arrogant" and a "jerk" for letting down his loyal Beliebers.

He might have already lost some though, because one mum revealed her daughter now hates him.

The moral of the story is, if you're going to make a fashion statement by wearing two huge gold watches, at least look at them once in a while.


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