Harrison Ford designs for Hamilton watches

First published: 06-07-2010

Harrison Ford and Hamilton watches have both lent their support to an environmental campaign.

The award-winning actor has helped create a collection in aid of Team Earth, a cause that aims to address some of the world's most pressing environmental issues.

Known as the Khaki Team Earth Collection, the Hamilton watches mark the second outing for Ford in the watch-designing industry.

The Hamilton watches will benefit the work of Conservation International.

Ford commented: "I am proud to serve Conservation International (CI) as a campaigner. The first collection we created together with Hamilton proved a success.

"And Hamilton, by supporting CI's mission, is helping to achieve major conservation outcomes."

Hamilton recently celebrated 40 years since its launch of the world's first LED watch, which is said to have led to a revolution in the timepiece industry.

To mark the occasion it unveiled the Hamilton Pulsomatic, which boasts a digital clock face and futuristic design.


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