Hanhart watchmaker partners up with motorcycle record breaker

First published: 05-08-2011

The Swiss-German watchmaker Hanhart has teamed up with a world record breaking motorcycling champion.

Elmar Geulen broke the world speed record on his extreme inline skater Jurgen Kohler in 2002, racing along a runway at a pace of 281.2 km/h.

In 2011, Mr Geulen tried his hand, or feet, at another extreme record.

Attaching two ice blocks to his shoes, he sped over a 1,200 metre airport runway at a speed of 209.16 km/h, making him the fastest man to ever move across frozen water.

He began his career as a motocross rider in 1976 and by 1982 had taken the title of German amateur motocross champion four times.

Nicknamed Mr Hayabusa, he switched to the Supermoto class before eventually moving onto the Powerbike-class.

The sport requires strength, skill and stamina.

It is the combination of these characteristics that has made him ambassador of the brand.

But most of all, it's accuracy- for without it, time would be irrelevant and records wouldn't be broken.


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