Hamilton watches 'iconic star of Hollywood'

First published: 08-11-2011

Film fans looking to pick up a new timepiece could be interested in selecting a product from Hamilton watches due to the brand's close ties to many Hollywood movies.

The stylish watches have been seen in many films down the years, from 1961's Blue Hawaii, which saw Elvis Presley sporting one of the timepieces, through to Men in Black, where Will Smith sported the updated Ventura design, Los Angeles Confidential magazine reported.

Commenting on the brand's popularity on the silver screen, Hamilton International's president Sylvain Dolla explained while it has a close link to the music industry, it has a "special relationship" with Hollywood, both before the camera and behind the scenes.

"We invest in technology and design for films because it is a challenge and it gives us a chance to be innovative and creative," said Mr Dolla.

Actor Jason Schwartzman could be planning to get a new timepiece, after he recently admitted that he has to wear rubber watches as he has a habit of breaking other designs.  


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