Hamilton watches gets in touch with its feminine side

First published: 21-06-2010

Women are being offered a range of new timepieces this year, thanks to Hamilton watches.

These top quality watches bring together a vintage and classic style that the company is renowned for, said fratellowatches.com.

It noted that the CHF 500 and CHF 1,500 are two of the most impressive ranges on the market, mainly because they are both affordable and highly attractive.

Among its other recommendations are the JazzMaster Medium, Seaview Medium and RailRoad 38mm, which are new models to enter the market.

It described the JazzMaster Medium as the "most classic and elegant" of the three, emphasising that the stainless steel casing is very similar to the men''s slim models.

"The link bracelet offers a simple system that allows the owner to remove and replace the bracelet without tools by squeezing together two mushroom-like pushers," the site explained.

It was recently highlighted by reerr.com that the Hamilton Stardom H23251132 demonstrates "elegance with a twist".


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