Hamilton launches new luxury collection

First published: 03-04-2014

Luxury watch brand Hamilton has used the BaselWorld 2014 convention to reveal its new 2014 collection.

Designs include a retro hunter-style metal cover, a rerelease of a racy 1970s timepiece and a watch that can transform into a precision aircraft instrument, Watch Pro reports.

The latter comes with special mounting equipment that can attach to the inside of a plane or helicopter, while the watch itself has a detachable head that can be connected to the device.

However, with a recommended retail price of £2,390, this is primarily designed with the watch enthusiast in mind.

The Bagley, being reintroduced, will be available for a more affordable £420 and buyers will be given the choice of a Ostrich strap or a metal bracelet.

Finally, the Flatridge will also go on sale later this year, which is a piece designed to reflect a futuristic 1930s - with a metal cover being used to protect the glass from any scratches.


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