Hamilton Watches 'well-positioned in the market'

First published: 01-07-2010

Hamilton watches is a brand that knows its place in the market, a website has claimed.

According to wristwatchreview.com, the watches come just below Longines and above Tissot in terms of affordability.

"Last year the company released the Slim, which demonstrates the reason why Hamilton is such a strong player in the “democratic luxury” sector today," it commented.

This design is particularly contemporary and forms part of the widely-respected Hamilton Watches brand.

The two timepieces were added to the Slim collection earlier this year and the website noted how pictures of these pieces fail to do the watches justice.

Last month, Hamilton Watches was praised for the collection of watches on offer for women at the moment.

Fratellowatches.com noted how the CHF 500 and CHF 1,500 are two particularly stylish models and offer a high level of affordability for women buyers.


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