Guess watches 'can set you apart'

First published: 30-04-2012

Picking out a watch that will make you stand out from the crowds can seem like a difficult thing to do when everyone seems to have the same style of timepiece.

But by looking to new and different brands, you can expand your collection and create a look of your very own.

Choosing a watch from the range designed by Guess was advocated by Bush Green Watches, which advised selecting a design from the brand due to its huge mix of textures, colours and the various shapes of its face.

"Guess watches set the trend when it comes to originality in watch fashion, so they’re a must have for any stylish person looking for a watch," the blog explained.

Guess is currently seeing a lot of interest in both its watches and jewellery, as 2012 marks the 30th year since the company first began releasing its iconic range of denim jeans in the US. 


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